Barcelona is the best in La Liga

Football Club Barcelona was established i 1899, which is established by businessman Joon Glamper. The club achieved their first trophy in 1992. And this trophy’s name was the Copa Masaya ( Catalan championship ). Then 1910 “Barca” achieved the Copa dal ray ( “king’s cup ) in Spanish leading national football cup competition for first time. In the next they have achieved 30 Copa del Rey, more than another team. So , Barcelona is the best in La Liga.

The la liga Awards:

formerly, the La Liga Awards will known as the LEP Awards. The La Liga Awards are the first official award in Spain the best player, coach, Goal-keeper, forward, defender, midfielder are elected by the captain and vice captains of each club.

And over all best player is selected by via statistical analysis most of the la Liga Awards have won Barcelona player. They have achieved 32 honors in the six main categories. Argentina legend Lionel Messi has achieved la Liga best player and best forward awards with 6 and 7 time wins respectively as a Barcelona player.

Barcelona midfielder Andres Iniesta achieve live la Liga awards. Barcelona coach achieve four la Liga awards Victor Valdes achieve two. All over Barcelona wins 6 for player, 3 for Goal-keeper, 8 for midfielder, 7 for forward and 5 for Best coach. Barcelona is first on the list to win la Liga awards.

In fair play, carless Puyoul wins on 2011-12. Pedro wins as a Breakthrough player on 2009-10 la Liga world player achieved by Luis Suarez on 2015-16.

There are huge records of Barcelona:

Barcelona’s player Lionel Messi broke the Xavi’s record of 767. At present he has achieved 770 official appearances in all competition. Lionel Messi is all time highest goal scarcer in official competition with 663 goals.

In December 2020 Messi also broke pele’s 643 goals for Santos then it becomes the highest official scorer for a single club. Messi is the record goal scorer for Barcelona in Europe as a international club competition.

They win many domestic Honors’:

Then they also win 17 European honors. Barcelona wins 3 world wide honors’ at FIFA world cup in 2009, 2011 and 2015.

Barcelona is a very fantastic club. So, They topped the world cup ranking published by IFF HS in 1997, 2009, 2011 and is currently ranked 3rd in the UEFA club Rankings.

Largest member of supporters on social media:

Barcelona is one of the most supported football team in the world. It has the largest member of supporters on social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter etc. Barcelona players have won a record numbers of Ballon d’or awards and FIFA player of the year award.

In the 2014, 2015 season:

Barcelona is a European club which participate all the continental football match after 1955, 430 like Athletic Bilbao and Real Madrid, they have been neglected from la Liga. In 2009 Barcelona achieve continental treble for first time. That same year, they became first football club in the world to win all six titles in a single year completing the sextuple.

In the 2014, 2015 season, Barcelona became the first club in Europe to win the treble twice. Barcelona team is very famous in the world. They have many award. These award are very honorable. Barcelona’s player’s are very skilled. they are also very famous. They played very well. So, Barcelona is the best in La Liga.

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